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Because of the ‘realism’ found in the game’s physics, players will be able to use their momentum, speed, and unique athletic skills to make football come alive.

Here are a few highlights of the “HyperMotion” tech, as visualized in the game:

Showcases the motion capture data as it relates to the on-ball actions and tackles. The data is then used to control the movement of the player.

A 1-on-1 duel in a game of FIFA 22 between Didier Drogba and James Rodriguez.

Motion capture data from a game of FIFA 22, showing the player’s moment-to-moment speed and acceleration through the air.

The running animation of an on-ball tackle is paced by the player’s momentum.

The running animation of an on-ball tackle is paced by the player’s momentum.

FIFA 22 brings in ‘HyperMotion’ by utilizing real-world player motion capture data.

Drogba and James fight for the ball in a heated match of FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 brings in the new ‘HyperMotion’ engine by leveraging real-world player motion capture data.

Gameplay mechanics driven by ‘HyperMotion’ motion capture data.

The FIFA World Cup 2014™ presented by McDonald’s was covered by an audience of 125 million worldwide, with 32 games throughout the tournament. With that in mind, we were always looking for ways to elevate the game. One area that the FIFA community has been asking for was a way to make players feel like they are playing in the World Cup. Playing the World Cup is one of the most important experiences any FIFA player can have. That’s why our research and development teams were constantly thinking about the best ways to bring it to life. The result of all of our hard work is the FIFA World Cup Gameplay Engine we introduced at the FIFA World Cup Brazil™.Using ‘HyperMotion’, we have set a new standard in game physics. With this new engine, players will be able to feel and see the real-world physics of football, capturing every aspect of football including your ability to control the ball and momentum of your movement.As far as we know, FIFA 22 is the first football game to use ‘HyperMotion’. We realize that a lot of you


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Live out your dreams as both a manager and a player in career mode: Choose whether to compete with the elite or rise up from the lower divisions as you manage your club to glory, thanks to the introduction of an improved transfer market.
  • Live out your dreams as an elite player with the latest Player Career mode.
  • Compete online on the redesigned FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • Speed things up with new tweaks to player animation, dribbling, ball control and ball physics.
  • Drive the car through the streets of 133 iconic English towns, cities and villages.
  • Strengthen your connection with your Club thanks to improved player attributes, as well as new Player Scouting.
  • Discover the five BIG…Read more


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With FIFA video games, you become the complete football player, the one who dictates the course of a match. Choose your team and lead it to success. In FIFA, you will not only compete against opponents from around the globe in the Transitional Leagues, but you will also compete in FIFA Ultimate Team™, which allows you to practice, improve and build a real squad of footballers. FIFA’s expansive career mode, Ultimate Team™ and live football action will also be available for new and returning players to enjoy.

A New Era of Innovation for Every Mode

FIFA Ultimate Team™ on PS4 and Xbox One is reborn with revolutionary new gameplay. Playmaker Mode allows you to control multiple players on the pitch at the same time.

“Recreating The Beautiful Game”

As the beautiful game moves to the next generation of consoles and next-gen players, FIFA 22 innovates across the board to bring a fully redesigned game with deeper gameplay and more realistic players and stadiums.

Dynamic Player Movements

FIFA 22 brings the ball to life, making for a more rewarding and involved gameplay experience. You can control the ball before, during and after a tackle, taking dynamic and realistic touch and control. Full-blooded tackling is also back, with revised collision mechanics and improved recovery timing to make for a more realistic and challenging experience.

Football Intuition

Revamped Sustain System

The Sustain System has been revamped to enhance the timing and physics of shots on goal in both one-on-one and on-target scenarios.

Shot Mechanics

FIFA 22 is the first in the series to feature a more lifelike shot animation, allowing for greater variety and control when shooting.

Improved Shoot Controls

Shot post-processing has been improved to create more realistic animations, allowing for greater variety and control when shooting.

Realistic Timing for Multiple-Scored Goals

FIFA 22 raises the bar for accuracy and precision when scoring a goal. The on-target area has been redesigned with technology that more accurately identifies where a shot will land, resulting in more realistic scoring opportunities.

Revised Off-Target Effect on Goals

Goalkeepers react more realistically to shots that are not on target, making it easier to catch shots off the goal frame, preventing rebound goals and allowing for greater aggression from defenders.

Tackle Impact

FIFA 22 tackles have been improved to the point


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FIFA Ultimate Team gives gamers and football aficionados the ability to build a diverse squad and play in a way that’s intuitive, individual and entertaining. Create a squad from the world’s best players and bring them all to the pitch.

Connect with EA SPORTS Football Club –
Sign up on to become a member and connect with friends, share videos and experience the ultimate fan game in FIFA 22.

Teams – FIFA 22 features 32 top European, South American and African national teams

Ubisoft is committed to providing a safe, positive, and enjoyable experience for all of our players. As a commitment to this, Ubisoft has joined the Public Awareness campaign for people who consume or consume and drive while they are impaired by alcohol or drugs.

EA SPORTS FIFA 22 delivers the most authentic, realistic, and playable soccer experience in the history of the series, and it’s here that you’ll find some pretty cool stuff.

DAILY UPDATES – Not available on all platforms. Sometimes required for game updates and patches. Available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4

GAMELESS REVIEWS – First impression trailers:

BOOSTS – You’ll find new levels, practice drills, and dribbling moves available in FIFA 22.

REAL PHYSICAL FOOTBALL – FIFA 22 gives players the true feeling of playing the beautiful game like never before

CROSSOVER MODE – Cross play. This gives you the ability to play online on your PC with people who use the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One controller

INSTANT IDENTITY ASSIGNMENT – The new identity assignment system allows you to create your ideal experience from one of four different identities including your Club, your Name, your Style, or your Foootball Specialty.

ALL-IN ONE PACKAGE – We’ve made significant strides in reducing the overall size of the game to let you play your FIFA faster and easier while still experiencing all of the best features of the game

CHALLENGE MODE – Experience instant challenges! Put your skills to the test in five themed match types – Speed, Futsal, Penalty, Penalty shoot-out, and Coin Collector.

CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES – FIFA 22 features all 32 teams from the FIFA Champions League


What’s new in Fifa 22:


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